Just Let Your Soul Glow!

Our January Mama Boxes were allll the way lit! We were blessed to be sponsored in part by Shop Mega Hair, which provided Luvthemama customers with their amazing Glow Oil! And chile, let me tell you, this oil is nothing but the truth! Infused with natural and organic oils, specifically blended to fight aging, lighten discoloration and even out skin tone you are amongst a lucky few to get this box! AND, it has Vitamin C which is known for fighting signs of aging along with brightening skin tone.

I started using the Glow Oil upon receiving it and I could instantly feel the difference. My skin felt firmer, more even toned, brighter, and fine lines started to diminish. Best of all, a little goes a long way! I use 3 pumps to cover my entire face, neck and chest!

So what’s the story behind Shop Mega Hair?

"Hi, I'm Dominique. The idea for Mega Hair came in a dream. I wanted to create a premium product that wasn’t full of sulfates, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients—something that offered verifiable results.

And here’s the thing—I didn’t intend to bottle and sell it—or launch a brand—at first it was just for me. It seemed like my hair wouldn’t grow—but I started using it faithfully—the results were evident—my hair stopped breaking, it grew inches, was noticeably longer and it was shinier and softer too.

Mega Hair is for those who are tired of product hopping and praying every Instagram and Facebook ad is true. Mega Hair is all natural, vegan, non gmo and cruelty free. Order a Bottle Today and take 15% off your purchase with code LONGHAIR —Your verifiable results are waiting."

Not only do they have this amazing Glow Oil, but they specialize in hair growth oil as well! Check it out here.

We have a few Mama Boxes with Glow Oil left, so if you want to try for yourself, you’re in for a treat! Our Mama Boxes are available for only $39.99, so you are able to try the Glow Oil at no extra charge! This is a retail value of $88.99!!! YOU BETTER GRAB THIS WHILE IT'S HOT!

This oil will definitely be a part of my self-care routine. Thank you, Dominique of Mega Hair Co. for your generous sponsorship! We are so thankful to have partnered with your company!

 Shop for your Mama Box with Mega Hair Co.'s amazing Glow Oil here!

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