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Lotus Naturals Nursing Balm

Lotus Naturals Nursing Balm

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Handmade and Organic- Heals sore, cracked and dry nipples.
This Balm is perfect for nursing mothers whose nipples need a little TLC- Paraben Free, Lanolian Free, and Fragrance Free. All Natural!

This balm will heal your chapped, broken skin and makes your tissue more flexible to avoid easy tearing and chapping in the future.

This Nursing Balm can be used at the latter part of your pregnancy, beginning weeks of nursing, all the way until you are done! The balm is 100% organic & SAFE for both mommy and baby. Using this before birthing will create healthy, flexible tissue that is more resistant to cracks, tears and chapping. 

This product can be added without worrying about that ugly looking stain on the inside of you bras and shirts. Apply desired amount and let it relive itching, and pain naturally all while healing your skin, not just masking the problem! 

*I cant stress enough how this product is 100% ALL NATURAL!! It is safe for mommies AND babies